Mica & The Midnight Blue

Dynamic and flowing like ocean waves, Mica & The Midnight Blue dance along the lines where Indie harmonies meet Folk emotion. Their Tropical Folk sonics create a rare quality of calm that is pure food for the soul.

M&TMB’s vibrant sound ebbs and flows from a smooth reflection to an energetic embrace. Their trust in one another’s creative vision allows them to maintain a balance of warmth and excitement; unafraid to play with textured elements, they seamlessly fuse together their different influences to create their own unique sound. A Folk Calypso that delivers depth out of the cool blue, their mission is clear and far from shallow – music with meaning that makes people move.

Influenced by the raucous excitement of Indie predecessors Bombay Bicycle Club, the fruity saturation of The Skints, the decadent sound walls of Florence And The Machine, and the lyrical integrity of Nina Simone, Mica & The Midnight Blue are refreshing the Indie wave.

the mess we’ve Made Ep Out 21.06.24